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Symi island & Panormitis Monastery

The village of Panormitis located 12 km south of Simi and apart from being quite scenic, single and unique feature is one of the most important areas in Symi.

This is the Monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis. The 18th century monastery, situated on the seafront of the village and it can be seen from the deck above the harbor, offering one of the best attractions. Protected by the entrance leading to a wide harbor and a small beach with fine sand, which is usually empty.

The Venetian convent has large objects, such as antique chandeliers, and an impressive silver image of the Archangel, who is the patron saint of the island, and the protector of seafarers. Furthermore, the monastery is home to two small museums also attract many visitors. According to tradition, when seeking the grace of Archangel is necessary to give him something in return. Many of these objects are made of gold or silver, and some of them have also put into bottles by seafarers to protect them.

The other museum displays examples of traditional folk art, usually associated with fisheries, livestock and agriculture. Inside the monastery there is a series of rooms where the monks live, and is also available for hire for guests wishing to spend the night there. In fact, on November 8, the day the island celebrates the saint, a large number of Greek travelers arrive in Symi to enjoy this local festival. The pilgrims who come to this place during this period are being offered free accommodation, food and wine. The courtyards of the monastery have many exotic plants and trees with a warm and pleasant environment for visitors. There is also a retreat, ideal for those looking for some solitude. It takes about an hour to see the museum, exploring the church and the monks' cells. Ferries and excursion boats connect the city of Symi with Panormitis. It is also accessible by car. The small village of Panormitis offers a great sense of peace and a visit to the great monastery of Archangel Michael is highly recommended.


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The village of Panormitis located 12 km south of Simi and apart from being quite scenic, single and unique feature is one of the most important areas in Symi.

Symi Island & Panormitis


Kastellorizo ​​or Megisti is a Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean, about three miles from the Turkish coast. Located 120 km east of Rhodes and covers 9113 square kilometers. In public, the island is known from the Oscar-winning film !

Kastelorizo Island


Wonderful beaches, beautiful villages, interesting attractions and a great nightlife and what more can you ask from a holiday resort. The island of Kos is an island with many options, where you can either spend your entire holiday on a quiet beach or in a small village or party all night in the many bars and clubs on the island.

Kos Island


Halki is a small island of the Dodecanese, located very close to Rhodes. Not very developed tourist but this is the perfect destination for peace and privacy. The island stands out for its traditional architecture and relaxing beaches. Niborio is the only village and main port. In the center of the island of Halki, there is an abandoned village with medieval castle on top.

Chalki Island


Lindos is a city archaeological site located on the island of Rhodes.The Cleovoulos, is one of the seven sages of ancient Greece lived and ruled.Lindos was a center of civilized life of art and culture.

Lindos Village


It is the perfect opportunity to round the island to explore the local life and discover the beauties of the island! The tour passes through traditional villages and sandy beaches both on the East Coast as well as the West.

Coach Tours in Rhodes


Marmaris is a port city and a tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, located in Mugla Province, southwest Turkey, along the shoreline in the Turkish Riviera.

Marmaris Turkey


Despite the fact that more than one million tourists flock to the beaches, boutique hotels and clubs of every summer, Bodrum (Bodrum in ancient times), he never loses his temper. More than any other Turkish coastal resort, has an enigmatic elegance diakatechei.

Bodrum Turkey


In 1958 an earthquake devastated the coastal town of Fethiye (FEH-TEE-Yeh), staying only the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos.More than half a century and is still the center of western Mesogeiou.Fethiye is a natural harbor and is perhaps the only region that is best kept in the southern limits of the wide bay with scattered several islands, and we saw briefly in the film of James Bond Skyfall. .

Fethiye Turkey