Lindos Village

The Cleovoulos, is one of the seven sages of ancient Greece lived and ruled.
Lindos was a center of civilized life of art and culture. The temple of Athena was built by Kleovoulou 550 BC and rebuilt in the 3rd century BC in the form we see today.
The Apostle Paul was in Lindos and founded the Rhodian church, and gave his name to St. Paul's Bay.
When the Hellenistic and Byzantine world fell to the Saracen invaders, the Knights of St. John took over the island.
Fortified the Acropolis, incorporating the old Byzantine church that is still visible.
The church, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin was built by the Knights in the 14th century and painted by George of Symi in the traditional style in 1779.
The fascination of Lindos depends on the layering of the centuries providing a distinctive flavor, the ancient Greeks, the knights, the houses of the 18th century ship masters, the restaurants and shops of today.